Castè Village Cinque Terre and More

A holiday in Borgo Castè is a journey to discover the Cinque Terre, the unspoiled nature of the National Park, the paths that lead to the sea, the Gulf of Poets, the food and wine traditions, the spectacular landscapes of an unexpected Liguria.

The Castè Village Website

Welcome to the Sere in Castè Village Website, or as we say in Italian " Sere nel Borgo Castè". A space created to introduce you to the ancient village of Castè, perched on the hills behind Cinque Terre. Surrounded by woods but very close to the sea, Castè offers many possibilities for recreation for lovers of outdoor sports, for lovers of sustainable tourism, for those seeking relaxation and a life on a human scale.

Sere in Castè Village

Hi, I’m Sere. Through these pages, I will lead you to discover the village of Castè and the CastèStyle holiday home for families. So I hope that, following my website, you will fall in love with the small Ligurian village behind the Cinque Terre. And finally I hope you want to experience the thrill of a holiday in Castè. To begin, I want to show you the great location of the ancient Italian village.

Where is The Italian Village Castè ?

Castè is located in the Municipality of Riccò in the Gulf of Spezia, in La Spezia district, Liguria, Italy. An ideal location from many points of view. Indeed Castè is located near the Cinque Terre, and some of the most beautiful seaside villages in the world but also near several cities of art such as Pisa, Lucca and Genoa. There are also several places of interest, which can be quickly reached from Castè, such as the Carrara marble quarries. Look at the Cnque Terre map to discover Castè.

Cinque Terre and More

A holiday in the village Castè is an experiential holiday, a real journey to discover Cinque Terre but also Italian art and beauty, places, traditions and authentic lifestyles. For this reason, in my blog, Castè blog beyond Cinque Terre, I will also show you various itineraries and day trips starting from Castè. In summary, follow the Sere in Castè Village website and choose to experience a holiday in the Italian art and nature

The Right Place for Your Holidays

At this point, are you convinced that Castè Village is the right place to spend the holidays with your family or close friends? But if you still have any doubts, watch the clip I’ve prepared for you and then book the CastèStyle house and experience the charm of a village where time seems to have stopped

Serenity and Relax

The hudge green expanse that surrounds Castè, transmits a great serenity. In fact, the small village in the Municipality of Riccò del Golfo di Spezia is the ideal place to unwind, especially in an hard time such as the one we are experiencing. So watch the video and write us immediately to book your holiday in the typicall Italian Village Castè.

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Castè Style Cinque Terre Art and Nature

The Home for your Holiday in Castè Village

To fully enjoy the charm of the Evenings of Castè, book a holiday in CastèStyle home now. Moreover the large holiday home is ideal for families with children, to rest and relax, for those who love sports, nature and the outdoors.

Holiday in the Typical Italian Village Castè

Do you dream of long walks in the woods, dining in the cool of the evening, diving into an uncontaminated sea, living surrounded by the beauty of art and nature? And also enjoy healthy and genuine Italian cuisine ? So this is the place for you! Look at the images to discover the great artist’s house in the heart of the ancient village of Castè. And finally, book your unforgettable holiday or go to the property page to find out more and discover all the services available to guests.

Paths in the Woods and Sostainable Tourism

Walking in the paths across the woods of Castè is a unique experience. To start my blog I want to introduce you to the path from the Village Castè to the picnic area. An oasis in the wood, where you can rest or have a picnic in the shade, immersed in nature. Moreover, this could be an opportunity to see a roe deer, a woodpecker or some other splendid animal that populates our woods. So you just have to book a holiday in Castè, to discover the charm of sostainable tourism. Follow my blog to learn about other suggestive trail and splendid excursions that you can experience starting from the Italian village Castè near Cinque Terre in Liguria.

The Sea near the Village Castè

Castè is the ideal place to stay even for sea lovers. In fact, the small village in the province of La Spezia is located in a strategic position to quickly reach various seaside resorts. Therefore in the next posts I want to suggest different places by the sea to discover, such as the Cinque Terre. But the first thing you have to put on the agenda of your holiday in Castè is an excursion with a private boat in the Gulf of Poets. Then read the post and book your holiday in the CastèStyle Art and Nature house now.

A Holiday to Furnish your Home

Discover the artistic furniture, fabrics and furnishing accessories created in Castè. Visit the art exhibitions and take advantage of this vacation to renew your decor. So you will have the opportunity to live in a holiday home furnished in the style of Castè. You can also experience the well-being that living in a space where furniture and furnishing accessories, while maintaining their functionality, acquire an emotional value. Find out more by visiting and read my post

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Why Sere in Castè Village Website?

Are you wondering why I chose this name for the Sere nel Borgo Castè website, even at the cost of making all the SEO experts get hives? First of all my friends call me “La Sere”, but since I have lived here for many I have been “La Sere di Castè”. So it seemed to me the best way to create a direct relationship with those who want to follow this site and choose to spend a holiday in the village. But the main reason is that Sere in Italian language means Evenings and  you cannot fully understand the charm of this village without living and sharing The Evenings in Castè.

Le Sere in Castè Evenings

The evenings of Castè are often animated by concerts and shows. In fact, the inhabitants of the village, through their CastèVive! Association, organize art exhibitions, concerts, shows and pesto lessons followed by fun pesto competitions. Tourists from all over the world wear aprons to learn the secrets of Ligurian Pesto.

Watch the clip

At this point you just have to enjoy images of some events we have organized over the years. First of all the concert of the “Soloists in Castè”.

The Evenings of Castè Village

It is precisely in the evening that the charm of this ancient Italian village, surrounded by woods and a luxuriant and uncontaminated nature, emerges powerfully. The silence, broken only by the cries of owls, barn owls and wildlife, infuses serenity and restores. And often after a day spent at the beach or playing sports, in the evening it happens that tourists join the few inhabitants of the village to attend a concert, share a glass of good wine and enjoy the coolness in the village square, looking at the many stars, that make the sky of Castè spectacular. And at this point you just have to book your holiday in Castè and share with us the magical evenings of the typicall Italian village.

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Sere in Castè Village the Website

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