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Castè, an Italian hamlet perched on the Cinque Terre Park hills. Live the experience of a holiday in nature and discover the charm of living in an ancient Italian village where time seems to have stopped.

Evenings in the hamlet of Castè

It is precisely in the evening that the charm of Castè emerges strongly. After a day of sport and fun, in fact, there is nothing better than enjoying the atmosphere of the ancient Italian village, immersed in the woods, in a luxuriant and uncontaminated nature. Furthermore, I am sure you will be won over by the silence broken only by the cry of owls, barn owls and the fauna that inhabits this splendid corner of the Cinque Terre Park.

A strategic position in the woods of the Cinque Terre Park

Castè, thanks to its position in the woods of the Cinque Terre Park, preserves the charm of the ancient Italian villages unaltered. A holiday in the Borgo di Castè offers many opportunities for recreation, starting with walks along the paths that, through the woods, lead to the sea and to other villages to be discovered. Furthermore Castè is also located in a strategic position for those who want to visit the cities of art, Genoa, Tuscany and the renowned beaches of Versilia. The charming village, just 30 minutes away from the Cinque Terre, is also just over two hours by car from Milan. Look at the map to see the exact location of Borgo Castè.


A Blog to get to know Castè

Through my blog “Sere di Castè” I would like you to discover Castè, the amazing hamlet n the Cinque Terre Park, the opportunities for recreation and relaxation it offers, its history, its inhabitants and the events we organize. There are many things that I would like to tell you about this small Ligurian village a step away from the Cinque Terre and I hope that its charm will conquer you too, as it has happened to me, that you will want to come and visit us and share the magic with us atmosphere of the

Evenings in Castè

Oh I forgot my name is Serenella but friends call me La Sere, I’m from Milan but in 2014, with my husband Simone and our dachshund Mario, we moved to Castè, so now I’m “La Sere di Castè”. Read my “About Us” post to find out more about us

Discover the Hamlet Castè in Cinque Terre Park

Finally, do not hesitate to write to me to send me your comment and to organize your holiday in our beautiful Castè Style holiday home, in the center of the Castè village on the hills behind the Cinque Terre.

Did you want to know more about Castè? Soon I will publish a new post to tell you the story of Castè Il Borgo che Rinasce. Keep following us

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