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Paths in the Woods and Slow Tourism in Castè is the topic I want to deal with in this post dedicated to lovers of nature walks.

Trekking in the Woods

Walking the paths that cross the woods of Castè is an experience that I would like to recommend, personally it gives me great serenity, relaxes me and helps me to regain balance. In fact, getting lost in the colors, scents and sounds of nature instills a profound feeling of peace and harmony with nature and its rhythms. In summary, treking in paths that cross the woods of the small village on the edge of the Cinque Terre park is, in my opinion, an experience that is good for body and soul.

Book a Holiday in Castè

So I suggest you book your holiday in Castè now and give yourself at least two days to slow down, discover the paths in the woods go trekking and experience slow tourism. If you want to know more about this small village perched on the hills, read my post entitled Borgo Castè.

Watch the video

For the moment, make yourself comfortable, turn up the volume and come with me on the first path that I want to show you: it leads from Borgo Castè to the nearby picnic area. A path suitable even for the lazy, a few minutes of walking and then you can treat yourself to a pleasant break in nature. Then let’s watch the video

So what do you think of this first path in the woods that I wanted to show you?

Your Opinion

Write me to find out more about trekking in the Woods and Slow Tourism in Castè.

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Keep following my Blog. In the next posts I want to show you other paths and show you the many activities that you can do during your unforgettable holiday in the ancient village in the town of Riccò del Golfo di Spezia.


See you soon?

Also I would like to organize a walk from Castè to Riomaggiore, along the path 01, would you like to join? Can you help me make a movie of this beautiful path through the woods from Castè to the sea of the Cinque Terre? Then book now our Castè Style Holiday Home and I recommend you do not forget to bring your hiking shoes and water bottle.

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